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Janka Hardness is a test which measures the pounds of force it takes to drive a .44” diameter steel ball ½ its depth into wood. These numbers are taken from various publications but principally are from the U.S. Forest Products lab. The higher the number the harder the species.

 Flooring Trade Name      Hardness - Janka

Walnut, Brazilian                     3680

Purple Heart                           2890

Cherry , Brazilian                    2820

Gim, Spotted                          2473

Mesquite                                2345

Mahogany, Santos                 2200

Gum, Sidney Blue                  2 023

Merbau                                    1925

Jarrah                                      1910

Hickory/pecan                       1820

Padauk                                   1725

Wenga                                    1630

Maple, Brazilian                     1500

Maple, hard                             1450

Cypress, Australian                1375

Oak, white                                1360

Ash, white                                 1320

Beech                                        1300

Oak, red                             1290

Birch                                         1260

Pine, heart                                1225

Teak, Thai/Burmese                 1078

Walnut, American black          1010

Cherry, black                               950

Pine, Southern yellow                870

Douglas fir                                    660

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