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* Unlike any other engineered floors, LAUZON’s NextStep floors look like solid hardwood floors, thanks to a dry solid-sawn process that ensures an expert cut of kiln-dried wood for the top layer. * With a dry solid-sawn process, the natural color variations, consistency and beautiful grain of the species are maintained, and the floor can be re-sanded if necessary. * Other manufacturers use rotary-peeled or sliced surfaces, which involve soaking the wood in a softening solution that yellows its color. These surfaces are often too thin for re-sanding, and can show undesirable end checks, chipped corners and edge splinters.

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Reward Hardwood Floors is a wise investment.  As durable as they are beautiful, Reward Floors come in a full range of styles, species, colors and widths.  They're all available with coordinating moldings and trim at prices to fit any budget.

  • Consistent quality throughout the entire floor
  • Precision milling for straight and even widths and edges.
  • High-quality finishes

Why take chances with warehouse or clearance flooring outlets that may deal in distressed merchandise, limited availability and poor service?
Reward Hardwood Flooring is always first quality.


Quality bamboo makes a beautiful, warm, environmentally friendly floor that can be enjoyed for many years. Since the manufacturing of bamboo flooring has so many variables, quality will vary from different manufacturers. Our manufacturers use quality materials to make an excellent product. We do not purchase our bamboo flooring because it's a “great buy”! That “great buy” can be very expensive if the bamboo fails in the future. The adage about getting what you pay for will be true with bamboo as with other items.

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Provenza Floors

Provenza® Floors is a manufacturer of Custom, Commercial, Residential, Eco-friendly and Reclaimed Wood flooring.

Provenza Floors Website.

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